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HEAR: Net Sound(DEMO) from OHNO LAB (Time at the Ohno Lab)

Perhaps the most interesting attribute of the Internet is
that it is a living network.
What if we could feel it
by listening to the sounds of the network?

The humming at the Net Sound(DEMO) features the sounds of the network at the Tokyo Institute of Technology's Ohno Laboratory. There were 17 students working at the lab day and night. They study, eat, attend lectures, and even sleep and get up at the lab. Currently, the Ohno Laboratory has dismissed, please enjoy with demo sound. We are looking for a new observation point.

* To enjoy this feature, you must install RealAudio Player. Up to five users can listen simultaneously.
* If you do not have RealAudio Player, try the sample sound in MP3 format.
* The Ohno Laboratory was located in the 7th building of the Ookayama Campus's West Wing at the Tokyo Institute of Technology.
* Net Sound translates nine different communications protocols into sound data based on network traffic data at the lab. If you are not familiar with the protocols and what they are, please read the documentation.

The inside story of Net Sound

SINCE Jul. 1996
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